• Large Brokerage Firm
    Large Brokerage Firm The team delivered on schedule and created a delightful experience for transitioning what otherwise is a highly sensitive and concerning area for broker-dealers.
  • Corporate Issuer
    Corporate Issuer MIC is so easy and intuitive!
  • Major Online Brokerage Bank
    Major Online Brokerage Bank Mediant’s software is the best of any vendor we have used.
  • Leading Regional Brokerage Firm
    Leading Regional Brokerage Firm Based on my 30+ years in this area, I can honestly say that the integrity that Mediant brings to this process has been long overdue.
  • Large Clearing Firm
    Large Clearing Firm The Mediant team is truly hands down THE BEST Customer Service ever!
  • Large Corporate Issuer
    Large Corporate Issuer Mediant has been a great asset and partner and I sincerely appreciate all of the help!
  • Corporate Issuer
    Corporate Issuer Mediant is always one step ahead.
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