Issuers, brokers, and funds face key proxy events on a regular basis. Mediant’s technology-powered solutions streamline proxy communications production, distribution, voting, tabulation, and analytics.

Mediant’s unmatched proxy management solutions start with comprehensive event discovery and include printing and mailing of millions of proxy packages, e-delivery of proxy material, extensive data analytics, robust tabulation and reporting, and more. Our intuitive and flexible technology easily adapts to changing business requirements and industry regulations. The transparency we provide not only allows all audiences to stay engaged throughout the process, but also ensures regulatory compliance. Mediant partners with you to provide the most efficient, accurate, and complete proxy services in the industry.


WHAT We Deliver


Highly scalable print, electronic, and mail management that uses intelligent technology to optimize proxy communications and distribution


Compliant and high-quality Notice and Access proxy services ranging from enhanced document hosting and electronic voting to hard-copy fulfillment


Shareholder engagement via the best user experience in the industry


Best-of-breed tabulation services with real-time voting results from multiple sources, including registered and beneficial holders as well as solicitor votes


Proxy meeting for any needs that may arise during your meeting from quorum monitoring to on-site support


Online reporting and management tools, including thorough data analysis and vote modeling, that allow you to stay in control from start to finish of the entire proxy event


THE Mediant Difference

The industry’s most powerful and complete end-to-end proxy solution, with the most advanced proxy voting platform for US and global voting requirements.

Flexibility and customization to accommodate your unique needs.

High-touch service from expert client teams with a proven track record.

Intuitive technology to manage the complex proxy event landscape.

Ultimate compliance through real-time reporting, accuracy, and excellent supervisory tools.