Managing prospectus delivery can be a headache when balancing the needs of managing down costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Mediant transforms the prospectus management and delivery process through our integrated platform, MIC, from print to digital.

Our comprehensive in-house print and mail system ensures timely and efficient prospectus delivery. Mediant offers end-to-end support for T+1 prospectus fulfillment, pre-sale delivery, as well as a solution for combining trade confirmations with summary prospectus documents to reduce costs and improve the client experience.


WHAT We Deliver


Beneficial holders can request paper and electronic copies of prospectus documents for mutual funds.

Investors and advisors have online access to summary and statutory prospectuses as well as all supplements, annual reports, semi-annual reports, and Statement of Additional Information (SAI).


Consistent T+1 post-sale prospectus delivery for all mutual funds.

Comprehensive prospectus delivery for all security types including closed-end funds, UITs, CDs, bonds, REMIC, structured products, and more.

Full range of suppression services including householding and duplicate trade suppression.

Proof-of-Delivery evidence for all emails and USPS mail for audit purposes.

Combined Confirm with Summary Prospectus

Full print-on-demand solution that matches the trade confirmation with the appropriate summary prospectus and mails in a single package to clients.

Leverages MIC to provide transparency and access to all prospectus documents.


THE Mediant Difference

The most transparent platform in the industry for managing compliance, providing operations managers with a high-level view of overall statuses and deep drill-down capability.

Detailed delivery tracking, showing exactly how and when every trade was fulfilled. Includes proof-of-delivery tracking for all email and USPS domestic mail packages.

Customized, branded summary prospectus hosting site for the electronic delivery of prospectuses.

99.99% T+1 delivery fulfillment rate, allowing you to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

MIC Investor Mailbox provides full oversight, allowing you to see prospectuses as soon as they are distributed via e-mail or print mail.