Mediant is constantly developing game-changing new technologies for the investor communications ecosystem. Every communication is a touchpoint with your customer – an opportunity for you to enhance your customer’s experience and enrich your relationships.

Our MIC platform consists of a fully integrated suite of applications hosted on our secure infrastructure. MIC provides visibility throughout the entire investor communications lifecycle and enables you to better engage clients and advisors at each touchpoint. The unifying, central platform empowers clients, advisors, and operations to easily track, manage and take action on real-time investor communications.


WHAT We Deliver


We don’t believe in one-size-fits all. The MIC platform provides portals for each user base and is customized to each of our clients’ needs.


As a unique online tool, MIC provides users with comprehensive, transparent access to the details related to every job and document being distributed to customers.


Deliver a superior, custom branded, mobile and desktop client experience.


MIC integrates with third-party applications and into your environment as a seamless and unifying platform.

Advisor Mailbox

Staying one step ahead for investment advisors

Customers routinely receive more than one hundred different kinds of documents after buying securities, and it can be challenging for Financial Advisors and sales assistants to maintain the visibility they need. With MIC Advisor Mailbox the FA can stay one step ahead of customers with the ability to see what documents are set to which customers, alert the customer to important communications, and help the customer understand the reasons for these documents.

Investor Mailbox

The one-stop-shop for the online investor

Investors are deluged with hundreds of different kinds of documents regularly sent by mail or email. With Investor Mailbox, your customer gains convenient online access to all communications in one easy-to-navigate site. Customers can view proxy ballots, meeting materials, prospectuses, mutual fund reports, corporate action notifications, statements, trade confirmations, tax documents, and more online, see when they were sent (by mail or email) and manage personal preferences. And Investor Mailbox is actionable. Customers can vote on proxy ballots right from the Mailbox, and we provide investor education tools to help explain potentially challenging proxy terminology.

Proxy Manager

Cutting-edge web voting for managed accounts

MIC Proxy Manager is a key component of Mediant’s complete, end-to-end support for the proxy voting process. Account Managers with proxy voting authority need an easy-to-use online tool to vote ballots and create reports for multiple accounts, without worrying about account setup and updating. MIC Proxy Manager is our solution to make voting and reporting easy and reliable, supported by automated account management.


Transparency and compliance for the operations manager

For the first time in the history of investor communications, Securities Operations Managers can outsource with full confidence that they can monitor and audit every job and every document distributed to their customers. MIC Operations Manager ensures transparency and provides oversight and compliance by giving you a window into every investor communication to customers, no matter how it’s delivered, whether it’s a proxy distribution, post-trade prospectus delivery, mutual fund report, or corporate action notice. With this unique tool, you can track the job from beginning to end: set-up, materials procurement, record-date positions, delivery dates, and more.

MIC ReOrgManager_80px

Reduce financial loss and enhance operational efficiency

Automate the capture of voluntary corporate actions elections with MIC ReOrg Manager.  ReOrg Manager automates all aspects of the corporate actions elections process including: distributing offers, capturing elections and automatically entering elections into the firm's securities processing system.