Securities Firms Bet on AI Before Blockchain

Blockchain seems tailor-made for financial firms, but AI is taking the lead as the most-watched technology among securities companies.

This article originally appeared in Datamation in December 2017.

There’s a lot of buzz is surrounding blockchain in fintech (financial technology) circles, but the securities industry is paying more attention to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, at least over the new few years.

In terms of fintech innovations that will have the most impact on their businesses in both the near term (two to three years) and medium term (three to five years), AI takes the top spot (30 percent), according to a recent study from investor communications specialist Mediant. Institutional tools that enable firms to unify and manage their existing processes also ranks high in the near term (30 percent), but drops significantly in the short term (18 percent).

Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology best known for its implementation in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, isn’t expected to have as strong an impact over the next two to three years (13 percent), but its influence is expected to grow over the next three to five years (24 percent).

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