Using Technology to Enhance Client Relationships

Clients look to you for informed investment advice. As a financial advisor, knowing what shareholder communications they receive allows you to answer any questions they might have before they actually have them. You don’t want to be left searching through files to find copies of prospectuses or trying to discern which client received what and when.

The rise of ubiquitous digital technology has changed the way advisors connect with clients and revolutionized how advisors conduct business. A 2019 study from Schwab revealed that among advisory firms, 58% planned to invest in new technology. Top reasons included: wanting to serve more clients, reducing manual work, and letting employees focus on high-value work.

What Fintech Means for Advisors

Advisors need to amplify their use of intelligent technology to enhance their relationships, improve communications and stay competitive in this digital era. However, the conversation of how and when to use new technological innovations does not change the traditional client-first approach. It starts with the client learning how technology can meet them “where they are” and enhance the client experience.

For example, MIC Advisor is a powerful tool that gives advisors immediate visibility into all the communications their clients receive and provides insight into questions or concerns clients might have. Advisors can easily track receipt of information and view how it was delivered, allowing them to provide clients with informed guidance such as sending alerts to a fast-approaching deadline or spotlighting important communications.

Having an informed, timely dialogue builds trust and strengthens the client relationship, which is why Mediant takes this approach across all of our advisor tools. Whether its corporate actions, prospectus management or proxy voting, our technology solutions keep advisors organized, prepared and ready to provide the best client experience.

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