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Embrace Digital Strategies to Improve Shareholder Engagement

With people spending more time online and evidence of increased use of social media in day-to-day news, information gathering and trading, the potential marketing benefits of embracing digital strategies...
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What’s Changed, What Hasn’t Since OBO/NOBO Rules Were Introduced?

Cast your mind back to the stock trading era of the mid-1980s. Power suits, noisy trading floors, and busy signals on slow fax machine lines.
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Demystifying the De-SPACing Process

Transactions utilizing special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are more popular than ever. In the first four months of this year, SPACs, also referred to as blank check companies, accounted for...
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Strengthening Shareholder Relationships through the Rise in ESG Proposals

Proxy ballot shareholder proposals may be non-binding, but the 2021 proxy season set record highs in investors voting for a series of environmental, social and governance (ESG) shareholder proposals.
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Transparency to Drive Change

The necessity for transparency stretches from individuals to institutions, as the pandemic increased pressure on companies to open up to stakeholders such as investors, customers and employees, explains a...
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The Evolving Role of the Corporate Secretary

A partner to the chair of the board, and a bridge between the board and shareholders, the corporate secretary has privileged access balanced by an emphasis on administration and procedure. Bureaucratic...
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