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Leveraging the Cloud to Support Increased Trading Volumes

To move to the cloud or not to move? That is the question many brokers are facing because of the record pace of trading volume.
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A Revisit: What it Takes to Meet Form CRS Delivery Requirements

Last year we wrote a blog post about the delivery requirements for Regulation Best Interest’s (Reg BI) client relationship summary (Form CRS). We discussed how the distribution is operationally complex...
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What the New Digital Legal Proxy for Virtual Shareholder Meetings Means for Brokers

Imagine you’ve bought tickets for a concert and you’ve paid extra to go backstage and meet the performers. The big night arrives, but when you turn up at the venue, your backstage pass isn’t recognized so...
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Q&A Blog Series: Shareholder Engagement in the Age of COVID

The pandemic has fast-forwarded shareholder communications technology in ways that few companies and brokers may have been able to imagine. As Head of Relationship Management, Micki Buffington sees...
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