Surge of Small Investors Prompts Increased Engagement

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, January’s surges in GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings by retail investors have brought to light the need for investor relations departments to develop ways of engaging with and educating these new shareholders.

Before this event, many never thought of retail investors as a group that could substantially impact the stock market. Now that they have, companies are realizing the need to get a better understanding of their shareholders and discover new ways to connect with them. Some have begun utilizing special events, podcasts, and social media channels to open the lines of communication. plans to host a separate event for small investors in the spring to allow them to ask any and all questions, as company management wants to be approachable to all investors.

Additionally, these new investors tend to get investing advice from people within their social circles, social media networks (i.e., Reddit), or by following investing websites—meaning they might not be very knowledgeable about the companies in which they invest, and need to be provided with educational and marketing materials that speak directly to them.

Informed and Engaged Shareholders

Mediant believes that design and technology can drive better shareholder experiences. That’s why we’ve built our platform using advanced technologies that provide our clients with customizable options and tools that enhance how they communicate with their shareholders.

Increasing shareholder engagement begins with providing a frictionless shareholder experience. Mediant provides customized communications strategies, ranging from enhanced document hosting and electronic voting sites to custom-branded packaging and shareholder materials. Through our innovative technology, we can align our design to the specific needs of each client.

For example, MIC Digital Shareholder Meeting, our virtual shareholder meeting platform, allows you to shape your event to best facilitate your shareholders’ engagement with ease of access on any device, video and presentation capabilities, real-time voting, questions to the board and more.

In addition, Mediant’s omni-channel solutions are designed to streamline and simplify proxy voting. Enabling shareholders to vote their proxy with Amazon’s Alexa is another way to meet shareholders where they are.

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