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Drive Higher Shareholder Engagement and Promote Your Brand with Flexible Digital Meeting Platform

The annual meeting is an important opportunity for your management team to update shareholders on company developments, answer their questions and vote on proposals. In-person meetings are often plagued...
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Using Technology to Enhance Client Relationships

Clients look to you for informed investment advice. As a financial advisor, knowing what shareholder communications they receive allows you to answer any questions they might have – before they actually...
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It’s All About the Customer: Putting Investors First

At Blockbuster Video’s peak in 2004, the company had 9,000 stores, 60,000 employees and was valued at $8 billion. But by 2010, the national video-rental chain filed for bankruptcy. How did a company that...
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A California Consumer Privacy Act Overview

Cyber threats and attacks have been evolving and increasing every year. Regulations to protect consumer data have largely failed to keep pace. The most significant – the European Union’s General Data...
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Mediant Teams Up with Rock The Street, Wall Street to Empower Young Women in Finance

On December 4th, Mediant partnered with Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing girls to be financially successful and inspiring them to pursue careers in...
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Now Available: Software to Automate the Capture of Voluntary Corporate Actions

The volume of voluntary corporate actions has grown explosively in recent years. In particular, increased volume in the voluntary corporate actions arena has subjected broker-dealers to additional risk...
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