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Digital and Print: A Flexible Approach to Shareholder Communications

“Gradually, then suddenly.” With just three words, Ernest Hemingway, in his novel The Sun Also Rises, pithily describes the nature of fundamental change.
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2022 Proxy Guide for Corporate Issuers

The annual meeting is an important opportunity for you to update shareholders on company developments, answer their questions and vote on proposals.
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Key Regulatory Issues Impacting Brokers: A 2021 Recap

Last year was a busy one for financial services regulation, especially pertaining to broker-dealers. As such, we put together a summary of key 2021 regulatory issues―divided into approved, proposed and...
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Mediant and Stockperks: “Breaking Bread” with Shareholders in the Digital Era

Imagine taking every retail investor out to lunch. How might your shareholders and investor relations (IR) program benefit if you magically had the time to arrange friendly forums during which you could...
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Adapting to the Paradigm Shift: Shareholder Communications in an “Always On” World

Welcome to the concluding post of our special blog series marking 20 years of Mediant. So far, we’ve explored four digital trends that are driving a paradigm shift in shareholder communications.
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Adapting to the Paradigm Shift: Shareholders Take Control of the Medium and the Message

Where and how to engage shareholders with investor communications. These are two trends driving digital change in the proxy industry and are the focus of this next post in our Paradigm Shift blog series.
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