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Shareholder Engagement in Proxy Season 2022: What Have We Seen So Far?

At the Corporate Secretary Forum – Summer in New York City, Rich Babineau, Mediant Director of Issuer Solutions, participated on a panel about what we've seen in shareholder engagement so far this proxy...
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Can Finfluencers Be Relied on to Educate Shareholders?

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. The global pandemic forced an increase in screen time, plus a surge of retail investing and the frenzy around meme stocks. It also helped catapult finfluencers into digital...
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What You Need to Know about the SEC’s Proposed Cybersecurity Rules

How will the SEC's proposed rules on cybersecurity impact registered investment advisers, registered funds and public companies? Reviews, recordkeeping and reporting will play a large role. Let’s take a...
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4 Steps to Keep Your Shareholders Engaged Year-round

One of the biggest ways to engage shareholders is through virtual annual meetings. But what happens the rest of the year? 
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Key Impacts on Broker Communications as U.S. Markets Contemplate a T+1 Settlement Cycle

Time is money, the adage goes. When it comes to settlement cycles for U.S. securities, time also equates to counterparty default risk. FINRA margin requirements, designed to mitigate these risks, provide...
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Reimagining the Customer Experience Amidst Newly Empowered Investors

Most brokers face more work and more competition. In just 10 years, the Dow Jones volume nearly tripled, stressing broker’s systems and the people that support shareholders. Meanwhile, the number of...
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