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Educating New Retail Investors Will Improve Shareholder Engagement

To say that COVID-19 has accelerated industry change is close to becoming a cliché. The remarkable boom in retail investing over recent months joins remote working and online shopping as trends attributed...
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Enhancing Shareholder Experience and Engagement through E-delivery and Interactive Communications

Defiant against an era of ubiquitous electronic communications, the police force of Odisha, India maintains the world’s last carrier pigeon service with an entourage of 153 birds.
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Risk Management: A Powerful Ally in Your Investor Communications Program

By Joe Colaizzo, Director of Risk Management, Mediant
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Industry Collaboration on VSM Access Bodes Well for Achieving End-to-End Vote Confirmation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused no end of disruption, but it instigated a few positive developments. For the proxy voting industry, one such outcome is the much-improved process of validating beneficial...
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Strong Security Depends on Proactive Partnerships

According to folk wisdom, the Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two characters: one represents danger, the other opportunity. Although the inferred insight is undermined by the inaccuracy of the...
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Leveraging the Cloud to Support Increased Trading Volumes

To move to the cloud or not to move? That is the question many brokers are facing because of the record pace of trading volume.
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