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Gussie Tate Joins Mediant as Head of Operations

We are pleased to announce that Gussie V. Tate has joined Mediant as our new head of operations. In her new role, she will oversee Mediant’s operations, leading the effort to manage service delivery,...
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The Year Ahead: Trends to Watch for in 2019

2018 was a productive year for both Mediant and the investor communications industry. Notably, we saw heightened discussion around reforming the proxy system to improve the shareholder experience. As we...
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SEC Roundtable Recap: Simplifying the proxy voting process

Our President & Chief Operating Officer, Sherry Moreland, recently joined a roundtable of investors, issuers and market participants hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to explore...
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Navigating Regulatory Change: The value of technology for compliance teams

Regulation is constantly evolving, with requirements changing so often that it’s hard to keep up.  Earlier this year, Thomson Reuters surveyed compliance practitioners on the top five greatest challenges...
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The Omnipresent Advisor: How tech can help and hurt the client/advisor relationship

Imagine this: you’re an advisor, walking out of a client lunch. All of a sudden, you get a call from one of your clients who says, “I just got this packet about that fund you invested me in. Could we talk...
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Leadership & Engagement: Joining the Discussion at SIFMA Ops 2018

While at the airport waiting for our flight to Phoenix for this year’s SIFMA Operations conference, we spotted the Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover for that week and a story on “The Business of Equality,”...
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