It’s Tool Time! How Technology Simplifies Shareholder Communications Now More Than Ever

“Does everybody know what time it is?” This famous line was uttered at the beginning of every Tool Time episode, a show-within-the-show Home Improvement, the 1990s sitcom starring stand-up comic Tim Allen. In reply, the audience yelled “TOOL TIME!”

For financial advisors, every day is tool time because having the right tools and applications in place can streamline your business and help you better serve your clients. Since the pandemic, use of digital tools and solutions has been accelerating. According to SIFMA's Survey of Financial Firms' Outreach Amid COVID-19, nearly all financial advisors proactively reached out to clients through various digital forms including live and recorded video, podcasts, email and social media.

In addition, during a recent SIFMA webinar, “Financial Advisors – The Critical Link to Investors During a Time of Crisis,” experienced advisors from across the country provided their insight on how they have best served their clients’ interests and needs during this time of stress and uncertainty. All of them noted they have relied on technology, beyond remote working.

We all have been juggling even more moving parts these days with the virus, family caretaking, working from home and concern about the future. Advisors have been spending a lot of time and energy helping clients and prospects navigate through these unprecedented times. This has compelled advisors to reevaluate everything they do from client communication forms to back office processes to streamline their workflows.

For example, having an online repository in a centralized location that contains all of a client’s shareholder communications, both past and present, allows you to easily assist clients through this market volatility.

MIC Advisor can do just that. Accessed via a single sign-on, MIC Advisor provides decision support tools with a library of your clients’ documents whether delivered electronically or in print, enabling you to be more responsive to clients’ needs. You can also spotlight time-sensitive communications by sending alerts to clients.

Especially while working in a remote environment, unlocking new levels of efficiency and accessibility by having the right technology at your fingertips makes you the star of your own “Tool Time.”

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