Introducing a New Playbook on How to Conduct a Successful Annual Meeting

According to ESPN writer Elizabeth Merrill, “In the NFL, the playbook is a sacred hardbound diary of trust. It's an accumulation of decades' worth of knowledge, tweaked and perfected, sectioned off by scribbles and colored tabs. It's the first thing the fresh meat get when preseason workouts start in the spring and the last thing that is pried from a player's sweaty mitts” when they are asked to leave a team.

Coaches use playbooks to communicate plans to their teams. Players are responsible for memorizing plays and their own responsibilities for each play. When everyone on the team is aligned with these plans and players execute their responsibilities, the play will succeed. However, any breakdown can result in a missed opportunity like nailing a field goal or scoring a touchdown.

Just like in sports, corporate issuers need to plan ahead to have a successful annual meeting with shareholders. That plan should include customized strategies and solutions for everyone involved in the process so they work in tandem to successfully reach the same goals.

With this in mind, we are introducing a new playbook on how to conduct a successful annual meeting—for corporate secretaries, investor relations officers and others who are involved in the annual meeting process.

The playbook starts with an overview on navigating the complexities of annual meetings and what you can do to turn these into opportunities, including how to best reach and engage shareholders. Then you’ll find helpful information and tips in four key areas:

  • Planning: What do you need?
  • Building your team
  • Creating a smooth effective process
  • Executing your plan to meet corporate objectives

Taking a new view on your annual meeting day as we’ve laid out for you can help turn this effort from an annual chore into a true value-add for your company.

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Download your playbook here.

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