Celebrating 20 Years as the Smart Choice for Investor Communications

Mediant was born digital. Our systems and business strategy are designed for the digital age. Being modern and agile has made Mediant the smart choice for 20 years and we’re determined to continue our mission of helping clients balance innovation with industry requirements for many more years to come.


Mediant is founded to provide technology that is smarter, faster and better to help brokers, corporate issuers and funds take control of their investor communications in a transparent and seamless way.

First proxy proposal is submitted.

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Mediant implements notice and access rules, a new model for delivering proxy materials to shareholders of public companies: post proxy materials on an internet website, notifying shareholders of the availability of such materials and sending paper or e-mail copies of such materials upon request.

Mediant enters strategic partnership with RR Donnelley (now Donnelley Financial Services).

Mediant launches MIC Issuer portal, providing issuers online access to ballot and tabulation reporting.


MIC Broker portal launches and Mediant starts providing solutions to first broker client.

New Jersey

Saddle Brook, NJ print facility opens to service mailings for proxy, regulatory, corporate actions and post-sale prospectuses.


Mediant launches MIC Investor Mailbox, for the online investor to conveniently access all communications in one easy-to-navigate site.

Mediant launches MIC Advisor Mailbox, giving financial advisors the ability to see documents sent to clients, alert them to important communications, and help them understand the reasons for these documents.


Mediant offers investor products in French.

2012 France


Mediant’s print facility moves to Wayne, NJ.


Mediant launches a mobile voting product.

Mediant completes the Glass Lewis integration for MIC Proxy Manager, providing institutional advisors access to proxy vote analysis and recommendations.


Mediant offers investor products in Spanish, Italian and German.

Mediant adds QR codes on broker VIFs.

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Mediant launches proof of delivery tracking for brokers to comply with FINRA audits.

Mediant launches Post-Sale Dashboard, providing high-level view for brokers to track compliance on post-sale delivery.


Mediant launches mutual fund and REIT proxy products.

Mediant launches MIC ReOrg Manager, automating the capture of voluntary corporate actions elections.

Mediant launches new eVote application with support for brokers.

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Mediant is the first to implement SMS text messaging for sending investor communications to retail investors.

2018 Text Voting


Mediant launches Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) solution, handling brokers notifications for proxy votes, electronically notifying their clients, and responding to shareholder disclosure requests.

Mediant develops a Digital Legal Proxy (DLP), a secure digital process using an application program interface (API) to validate a beneficial owner’s attendance and voting rights at virtual and hybrid annual meetings. The solution is accepted by most industry players.

Mediant offers its “Vote My Proxy” skill in Amazon Alexa, allowing shareholders to speak their annual proxy votes on proposals and director elections from corporate and fund issuers.


Mediant implements Rule 30e-3 distribution, making fund shareholder reports publicly available on a website, free of charge, and mailing investors a paper notice each time a new report is available.

Mediant implements constructive delivery, which allows brokers to satisfy their mutual fund prospectus delivery obligations by delivering prospectuses to investment advisers in managed account programs on behalf of their clients.

Mediant launches MIC ReOrg Manager distributions to investors.

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Mediant launches post-trade solutions for custodian banks.

Mediant launches Engage™, a suite of omni-channel tools that helps issuers achieve quorum and proposal passage by generating greater participation from retail shareholders.

Mediant becomes the tenth strategic investor to join the consortium backing Proxymity, the leading digital investor communications platform.